#4 Cycle along Hongze Lake

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Biking along Hongze Lake Biking along Hongze Lake Roger Zhang

What could be lovelier than being out and about, cycling along the shore of a lake, and enjoying breathing the fresh air? The cycling tour between Wudun to Jiangba is wonderfully suited for this.

Only a few kilometers beyond downtown Huai’an, you will be greeted by the sound of waves and the wind from Hongze Lake. You will cycle under the shade of trees planted on the dam of Hongze Lake . The biking tour on the dam of Hongze Lake is active recreation, which enables you to experience nature and enjoy the many attractions , such as the Nine Dragons Bay and the Iron Bulls.

The Dam of Hongze Lake is 67kms long and it is also called “the Great Wall on water”  because it helps to protect the Greater Huai’an area from the flooding of the Huai River. It is now part of the Grand Canal World Heritage Site.

Hongze Lake is the fourth largest freshwater lake in China. A particularly large change happened in 1680, when the Yellow River changed its course and merged with the Huahe River. Heavy sediment from the Yellow River blocked the course of the Huaihe River and diverted water from the latter, creating the Hongze Lake as we know.

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