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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 08:00
This time we have two new friends, Millie and her Mum to be with us. Millie is from Qingjiang Middle School, and her dream is to be a journlist in the future. After this 9th E Corner, we will move to our new office next to the Grand Canal Culture Square. Bye, Wanda Plaza!
Saturday, 12 October 2013 08:00

One to All Group Schedule

The maximum number of participants varies according to the location.

This is the most correct schedule we have.
TimeTopicHost *
2013/10/19 3-5pm Festivals Selen
2013/10/23 7-8:30pm Parks Frank
2013/10/26 3-5pm Friends Selen

One to 3 Schedule

Do work hard!
TimeTopicMust Do *
2013/10/17 6:30-8pm 元音发音 6-7课 P162-168 至少一篇作文 整理出一周遇到的问题
2013/10/24 6:30-8pm 新概念1-4课 P169-175 至少一篇作文 整理出一周遇到的问题
2013/10/31 6:30-8pm 新概念5-8课 P176-182 至少一篇作文 整理出一周遇到的问题

Kids English Corner Schedule

This is for Kids aged from 3 to 9.

Around the World!
Time|时间Country|国家Must Have|请准备 *
2013/10/26 2-3:30pm USA 美国 体验课
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