How Huaianese are you?

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  • Saturday, 19 April 2014 00:00
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Whether you're born and bred in Huai'an or just discovered the many advantages of being a Huaianer after moving into the area - just how Huaianese are you?

If you don't know this word - Guandan, it's time for you to read this letter from our readers.

Guandan is a local poker game originated in a small town called Nan Zha in Huai’an District of Huai’an City. The game came from “Fast Running” and “Eighty Points” (two popular poker games all over the country). Through the integration and innovation of the two poker games, Guandan is more flexible, more skill-demanding and more interesting.

In Huai’an dialect, “Guan” is a verb that means “to throw” and “to smash” (hold one end of something and throw it or smash it against something else at the other end).Take for instance getting wheat grains from wheat straws, it is to have wheat in bunches and a farmer raises each of the bunches over his head, and then throws it down hard so that the wheat grains can easily fall off from wheat straws. “Dan” means a “bomb”. In the game, “the big four” (four cards of the same value) and “straight flush” are called “bombs”. The biggest excitement in the game probably comes from the act of holding a “bomb” over one’s head and then throwing it down to “bomb” the opponent’s cards fully to one’s delight. This is probably why the game is called “Guandan”.
Four people, divided into two parties, play Guandan with two packs of cards. In the game, there are some major hands, such as a bomb, a straight flush, a straight, a consecutive sequence of three pairs, a Gangban (two consecutive sequences of three cards of a kind), a full house, a single card and a pair, with the four jokers together as the most powerful killing hand.
In each round, the player who first has all his cards out is Touyou (the first place); the one who comes last is Moyou (ranking the fourth). The party with a Touyou is the winning party and is entitled to move to a higher level. The winning party will move three levels higher if its partners are double winners (one is Touyou with its partner winning the second place). It will move two levels higher if one of the opponents gets Moyou. It will move one level higher if one is Touyou with its partner Moyou.

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